These Patterns are free to all with the understanding that credit should be given to the owners.

Sinric's visored sugarloaf
Arming Cap by Saverio 03/21/00
Armet by Sinric 10/16/00
Barbute by Allesandro 03/21/00
Bascinet by Master Cad 03/21/00
Bascinet by Sinric 10/16/00
Bevor by Christoffel 04/10/02
Closed Helm by Sinric 10/16/00
Conical Helm by Sinric 10/16/00
Greathelm by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Greathelm by Sinric 10/16/00
Klapp Face Bascinet by Sinric 10/16/00
Kettle Helm by Jurgen 08/06/02
Leather Helm by Sir Gerhard 04/03/00
Pigface Visor by Master Cad 04/20/00
Sallet by Rainald 08/12/00
Norman SpangenHelm by Halberds 06/09/03
SpangenHelm by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Sugar Loaf by Sinric 10/16/00
Sugar Loaf2 by Sinric 10/16/00

Gorget by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Gorget by Rainald 03/21/00
Gorget by Unknown 06/24/00

Torso Protection

Sinric's brigandine
Breastplate by Sir Andrew Ward 06/24/00
Breastplate (in progress) by Sinric 03/04/02
Brigandine / Coat of Plates by Unknown 03/05/02
Globose Chestplate by Rainald 03/21/00
Lamellar Construction by Robert de Tyre 03/08/02
Lorica Segmentata by Quintus 04/20/00
Padded Jack by Sinric 03/06/02
Peascod Breastplate by William Hurt 10/16/00
Sendai Do by Apocalypse 08/28/00
Wisby Coat Of Plates (1) by Unknown 03/06/02
Wisby Coat Of Plates (2) by Unknown 03/21/00
Wisby Coat Of Plates by Master Geofery 05/14/01


Sinric's 15th Century Arms
Arms by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Arms 15thC by Sinric 10/16/00
Bazubands by White Mountain Armoury 08/17/03
Elbows by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Elbows-Gothic Floating by Darivs 06/24/00
Elbows by Sir Rodrick Mandrake 06/24/00
Elbows by Samuel 06/24/00
Gothic Spaulders by Master Geoffery 05/07/01
Horseman's Pauldron by Mike Yancy 09/24/00
Pauldrons by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Pauldrons by Sinric 10/16/00
Simple Elbow Cops by Rainald 03/21/00
Spaulders by Sinric 10/16/00


Master Cadwallon's Hourglass Gauntlets
Demi Gauntlet by Rainald 05/07/01
Demi Gauntlet by Unknown 06/24/00
Gauntlets by Clang 05/29/00
Fingered Gauntlets by Thor Z 03/27/00
Gauntlets by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Gauntlet by Unknown 06/24/00
Hourglass Gauntlet by Master Cad 03/21/00
Thumb Ideas by Master Cad 03/21/00
Wisby Gauntlet by Master Cad 03/21/00


Sinric's 15th Century Legs
Greaves by Cad 05/29/00
Legs 15thC by Sinric 10/16/00
Knees by Alan Bauldree 04/24/00
Sabatons by Mike Yancy 09/24/00
Simple Greave by Rainald 03/21/00
Simple Knee Cops by Rainald 03/21/00


Krag's Elbow Pattern
Various Patterns by Okami 03/26/01
Various Patterns by Krag 03/06/02
All Old Patterns by Sinric --


Darvis' Gothic Armor Notes
Gothic Armor Notes by Darvis 05/29/00


The wrong sort of armor
Buckler by Sinric 03/05/02
Cup Hilts by Sinric 10/16/00
Simple Baskethilt by Unknown 03/06/02

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